If you are eligible for a refund, refunds are processed in batches in the order we receive them.

If your refund request has missed the current batch, it will be processed in the next month's batch.

Refund processing time will vary between 30 to 90 days depending on various factors.

To ensure your refund is not delayed, please ensure to provide the correct and necessary information to prevent any delays.

Most delays are a result of incorrect or insufficient information to complete your refund.

Note, the above is only an approximate schedule and subject to the accounting departments workload. There may be delays in processing due to various factors such as workload, incorrect or insufficient information.

If a course is cancelled by Ethan Hathaway, you have two options:

1) Transfer the registration to another course of your choosing OR

2) Request a refund

Note: If we do not receive a response to what you'd like to do with your enrollment fee within 12 months of notification, you will forfeit the fees paid and any request for refunds.

Special note: paid course fees are required to exclude any bank or transaction fee deductions. If your course fee paid is less than the total invoiced amount, we will only refund you the amount we have received.