You may make tentative travel reservations (& accommodation reservations), however, DO NOT pay or confirm your reservations until we have confirmed the live course (or event) you have enrolled is confirmed to go ahead.

This is to protect you from any unnecessary charges in the event the live course is cancelled or rescheduled for any reason.

Please note in the event Ethan Hathaway must cancel a course, we will only refund the course fee amount that was received. Charges incurred from your travel and accommodation are not covered.

You may also consider purchasing additional travel insurance which may cover or re-imburse you for situations such as these. Please contact your insurance provider for details.

We also DO NOT recommend booking travel and/or accommodation through discount websites and online deals as the terms and conditions are very restrictive and you may not receive a refund in the event a course is cancelled.

*Please make note of your travel arrangement terms and conditions.